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"Don’t ignore it, report it."

What kind of illegal content do you want to report?

Depiction of sexual abuse of minors

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Depiction of sexual abuse of minors

Extract from the Luxembourg Criminal Code, Title VII, Chapter VII. – Affronts to public decency.

Racism, revisionism, discrimination

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Racism, revisionism, discrimination

Extract from the Luxembourg Criminal Code, Chapter VI. – Racism, revisionism and other types of discrimination. (Law of 19 July 1997)


Extract from the Luxembourg Criminal Code, Chapter II. – Threats of terrorist attacks and offers or proposals to commit certain crimes.

Illegal Content?

The Internet is a public space. Therefore, everyone is free to use it and contribute to it by putting content on line. However, as it is a public space, it is also subject to the law and the Criminal Code. Certain acts and remarks may therefore contravene the texts of the laws in force in Luxembourg or society’s accepted principles of morality, including:

  • child sexual abuse images, also known as paedopornography
  • racism, revisionism and discrimination
  • terrorism and inciting crime.

The aim of the BEE SECURE Stopline project is to allow the public to take civic action by reporting these types of content when they come across them on the Internet, whether in the form of messages posted on forums, blogs or websites, or images or videos representing or promoting these types of acts.

BEE SECURE Stopline's limits

BEE SECURE Stopline will not, however, deal with cases involving personal incidents such as personal insults, harassment, commercial abuse, false information (hoaxes), etc., in order to guarantee uniform, clear and transparent management of the reports received.

BEE SECURE Stopline is not intended as a structure where individuals can lodge complaints against others. The aim of BEE SECURE Stopline is to enable content that is unacceptable to society as a whole to be reported, whether this acts are recognised as illegal (racist remarks, discrimination, etc.) or the promotion of these types of acts, as shown in the above list of topics covered by BEE SECURE Stopline.

The internet is a public space. Here, anyone can atribute, by publishing their own content. As a public space laws also apply on the internet. Thus, there are certain acts and statements that contradict the laws in Luxembourg or the moral sense of society.

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Reporting : How does it work?

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