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Europol launches public appeal to help identify victims of child sexual exploitation

stop-child-abuse-logoYou can help us to "Stop child abuse, trace an object"

A shampoo bottle, a magazine cover or even wallpaper. The most innocent clues can sometimes help crack a case. These small mundane objects featured in the background of a child abuse image can sometimes end up being a key lead in the investigation, resulting in the victims’ identification and rescue..

Law enforcement all over the world is working closely together to identify as many offenders and victims as possible. This identification process is often very complex and the identification of small objects in the background of these images can lead to a breakthrough in the investigation.

On the website Europol uploaded 20 objects for which every other investigative avenue has already been examined. These objects are all taken from an image with sexually explicit material involving minors. Europol is appealing to the general public to see if they can recognise the objects. Europol specifically wants to trace their origin (location/country). The images on this dedicated webpage will change periodically.

Citizens can help by clicking on an object they recognise and providing Europol with the information they have on the object. This can be done anonymously. Once the origin of an object is identified, Europol will inform the competent law enforcement authority of the involved country to further investigate this lead and hopefully speed up the identification of both the offender and the victim.

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A new lay-out for the BEE SECURE Stopline

The BEE SECURE Stopline provides a structure to the general public to report anonymously and confidential potential illegal content online. These reports are treated in collaboration with the relevant national and international authorities.

For Safer Internet Day 2017 the website of the BEE SECURE Stopline presents itself in a new lay-out. In the future there will be more news like current trends, annual reports and success stories to inform an interested public about the daily work of the BEE SECURE Stopline.

While reporting racism, revisionism and discrimination, users now have the possibility to add screenshots to their report and to leave their email address in case they want to be available for further questions from law enforcement authorities concerning their report.



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since 2008 LISA Stopline receives anonymous public reports on illegal content encountered on the Internet. Now LISA Stopline becomes BEE SECURE Stopline. The goal of this name change is to integrate the hotline more into the activities of the Luxembourgish Safer Internet Centre B